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A sneak peak into my bookmaking process:

The Story Behind the Book

 I began writing in journals when I was 11 years old, and I've always seen my notebooks as friends who would listen to me and just let me let loose after a long day. After all these years, I decided to start making journals of my own. 
Every book has a story– even if it's not the most exciting story, it's your story. Your thoughts, emotions, and memories. And that's what makes it beautiful.
Watch the video above for a sneak peak into what goes into making your book! I hope you enjoy writing in it as much as I did creating it! 
Stephanie <3
P.S. Each and every book is the only one of its kind, so once it finds an owner, the exact copy will never be made again! This is more of an art than a factory for me, and each book is inspired by a different idea or feature. But if you see a book that has been sold that you would like me to try and recreate, you can send me an email at happysolitudeblog@gmail.com. I'll see what I can do :).