The Woman and the Sea

By Stephanie C.

The woman and the sea

Knew each other well

One the cavalier,

The other mademoiselle

When his salty breeze

Grazed past her rosy skin

The lady just blushed softly

But was slow to let him in

Even so, the sea

Did not give up so fast

He knew her heart was shaken

From mistakes made by the last

She'd been with the river

Who moved full-speed ahead

Babbling promises he'd keep her

Yet spit her out instead

Now left in the moonlight,

The maiden met the shore

A water much more steady

Than the one that came before

Resting in sea's stillness

Her heart slowly unfurled

The sureness of the ocean

Enveloped the girl

The truth was home had found her

This was no fantasy

And that's the way the story ends...

The woman and the sea

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