The Power of Dressing Up

There have been times during this pandemic when I've had so little energy to do anything! There have been days when I've woken up feeling drained almost like I had never slept at all... and it is an accomplishment to simply get out of bed on time for work and weekly meetings.

There have been days when I've rolled out of bed and hopped on a Zoom meeting literally still in my pajamas (but no one could tell; I just threw a cute sweater on top, and done!). But the truth is, rolling out of bed and hopping onto work never made me feel good.

The rest of my day simply felt out of balance.

About a week ago, I was inspired to start a project to see what difference it made if I took time every day to dress up and look nice. Like actually do my hair, put on some makeup, and slip into a cute outfit.

I will tell you, dressing up like you are about to go see someone when the only person you will see all day is probably just yourself in the mirror... it's hard to convince yourself what the point of it is. Sometimes all you want to do is be comfy and just get by.

I think about the fascinating creatures in the deep, deep depths of the ocean. There are some beautiful creatures there that we will never see. Sometimes God makes beautiful things and it's enough that He will be the only one to see them.

Sometimes it's enough to be beautiful just for God.

Now here is me documenting my outfits each day for seven days...!

Day 1

To be honest, I did NOT feel like dressing up all nice on this day (maybe you can see it on my face? lol). I was just feeling kind of all over the place. But I'm so glad I did because it ended up making me feel somewhat put together and like my life was in order.

Day 2

On this day, you can kind of see that I'm starting to get into it lol. I'll be honest, it's an awkward thing to stand in front of a camera to take pictures of yourself by yourself. So you smile and spin and walk around like you're about to go somewhere!

Day 3

What I love about this outfit is how comfortable it makes me feel and how effortless it looks, because it is comfortable and effortless. These overalls make me feel a 'lil artsy, a 'lil chillaxed, a 'lil like I can do anything. I think I had a good day on Day 3.

Day 4

What I love about this outfit is how feminine and elegant I feel in it but also that it's sooo comfortable and casual (yes, you can have elegance and comfort at the same time!). I really feel beautiful in these floral pants (idk what those are called). The fabric is so flowy and light!

Day 5

Okay guys, today I put on a little lipstick. I don't think I saw anyone the whole day that I was wearing that lipstick, not even on Zoom! But I have to say, putting it on made me feel different. It gave me an odd boost of energy knowing I am respecting myself and getting a little more dolled up.

Day 6

Okay friends, this day was not the best day emotionally lol... I remember waking and ALMOST not following through with my dress-up experiment. Sometimes you don't want to look put together because what'll be on the outside won't match the messiness on the inside. I was pretty proud of myself for following through. I chose some pieces that matched the low-key vibe I was feeling, and that was good for me.

Day 7

Today I felt a bit more upbeat. These pants are literally my go-to during these days when me working looks like me sitting cross-legged in my chair, typing away doing work projects. You can't do that in jeans for 8 hours, lemme tell you. (I tried. It was painful.) These flowy pleated pants always make me feel put together and effortless.

So there you have it! Doing this little experiment of intentionally trying to look nice each day was a mind opener. It made me realize how what you put on your body when you wake up has a big impact on how you feel for the rest of the day. I hope that it's inspired you to try to look a little prettier today, even if only for yourself and God <3.

Lots of love,


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