My Favorite Wall Decorations This Christmas

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Something that I love about the changing seasons is being able to redecorate my place and give my home a new feel. I love taking the old down, having a new blank canvas, and peppering my room with new and cheerful decorations like candles, wall decor, and homemade garlands.

This winter season, I was feeling like I wanted to go for something fresh and decided to bring nature indoors. I think that sometimes it seems that you have to buy a lot in order to decorate for Christmas, but I found that even just bringing in a pinecone and doing something creative with it can be just a festive as putting up something store-bought.

I know many of you may have already finished decorating for the Christmas season, but these are cute ideas that have a wintery vibe and can be kept even after Christmas.

Nature Inspired Wall Hangings

Where I live, we have so many different types of trees. I plucked a few small branches from a eucalyptus tree in my neighborhood (you can also buy some for cheap at Trader Joe's) and found a long branch to hang the leaves off of. I tied the leaves on the branch with white string. It turned out so beautiful!

These are some more variations of the same eucalyptus hanging idea but with different plants.

You can hang your nature inspired banners over your bed, at the entrance, or even above the mirror in your bathroom. I hung mine over my bed, and it makes me feel so refreshed whenever I wake up in the morning :).

I hope that you enjoy this time in preparation for Christmas, and let me know your ideas for simple decorating for Christmas! I am always looking for more easy and cute ideas.


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