Life Update: Getting New Plants + a Typewriter (?!!!)

Helloooooooo my friends! I hope that you have had a wonderful week so far! For me this last week has been different and refreshing. Refreshing in the sense that I am seeing God slowly moving things around in my life, making room for new joys, new creative projects, new things to look forward to.

One of the things that has brightened my day has been getting new plants!

That's Florence.

What I love about Florence is how small yet strong she is. When I bought her, there were so many fiddle leaf plants to choose from, many of them much larger and taller. I could have chosen one of the bigger plants and been like– DONE! I don't have to grow this thing at all! It's grown already.

But I love that Florence is just starting out life, and I get to take care of her and love her into the beautiful plant she will become!

I named her Florence because of the time I visited Italy (Florence is the art capital of Italy). When I visited, I realized that I really admire Italian women. They are so strong and unafraid to say things as they are. And they also have this femininity about them, so beautiful and decorated with their floral dresses and sparkly sandals. My Florence is small but strong, and beautiful like that.

These are some more plants I got. The biggest one's name is Gibert (left) and then next to him is William (the darker one). And the plant in the heart pot is Fiona. Some friends helped me name these ones lol. The smaller ones don't have names right now... for now ;).

I have to say that making that little change and adding new plants to my room has made a big difference for me. I wake up with a different energy. They make me smile every time I look at them :).

The second thing that has me so excited is my NEW TYPEWRITER!

Why did I buy a typewriter?? Lol. Owning a vintage typewriter is not something I really ever thought about or planned. It's kind of like my solo trip to Italy that I went on a few years ago. The idea just came to me, and I booked the flight that same day! I think some of the best moments in life happen when we get those sparks of inspiration and just go with them!

I am really excited to learn how to use this machine. It turns out, it's a lot more sophisticated than I thought. There are a lot of different knobs and levers. I thought I broke it so many times already... I still have a lot to learn.

As you can see, I have been trying to learn how to use it, hence the words all over the page.

I really had no idea exactly what I want to do with this typewriter when I got this machine, but it makes me so happy to see it every day (isn't it so pretty lol), and I'm excited to learn a new skill– surprisingly it does take skill! I do write a lot of handwritten letters and make paper goods, so this will be exciting to start experimenting.

I've been naming a lot of new things in my life, which I don't usually do. But giving the things a name makes me feel like I have the duty to love and care for them better.

The typewriter's name is Margot! Doesn't she look like a Margot? :)

Thank you for allowing me to be in your inbox each week for those of you who have opted into receiving my blog posts directly. I hope that my little joys of this week inspire you to find what sparks joy for you!



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