I Launched My Online Shop! :D

Hello my beautiful friends! I am very excited because I recently launched my Happy Solitude online shop! I have been busy these past few weeks making leather bound notebooks, and I am so excited to share them with you :).

My hope is that this shop will be somewhere you can come to to feel inspired and refreshed. Journals are something so wonderful because they help you connect with yourself, with your heart, and they help us recenter ourselves.

This is a sneak peak into one of the journals I made (click on the image to see more):

If you are interested in keeping a journal but don't know how, or if you've tried and can't seem to stick with it (but you would really like to), I will be coming out with posts in the coming weeks about how I journal, and how I've been able to be consistent with journaling throughout all these years. It really is such a beautiful practice, and I can't wait to share more with you :).

Every book I make is one of it's kind, which means that once it's sold it probably will never be repeated. If, however, you see a book you really like, you can always email me and I can see what I can do to replicate it. Here's a look into my bookbinding process:

As you can tell, this is much more of a pleasure and art for me than it is a business; I really put all my love into making each notebook. I hope that you enjoy each piece I make– and if you choose to order one, I hope that you will have a magical time putting your thoughts, dreams, inspirations, paintings, poems, and to-do lists inside of it <3.

Lots of love,


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