Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

So, I’m about to be a little TMI about some recent health stuff I’ve been going through, but I feel like I want to write about it because it’s led me to taking steps out of my comfort zone, which has been uncomfortable but also really rewarding. Maybe you’ve been feeling like there’s something you have been thinking a lot about doing but have been putting it off. Or if you feel like you just need a change in your life in general, then this post is for you :).

So for the last year or so, I’ve been getting strange symptoms after eating a meal, where I feel like I’m fainting but not quite, and that my energy is strangely being seeped out of me, which has been really scary. Only a few days ago did I find out that I am hyperglycemic, which basically means that my blood sugar levels rise dramatically after I eat. This causes my body to freak out and feel like I’m dying lol. Apparently, this can happen for many reasons— stress, not working out, poor diet, etc.

Long story short, after so many scary experiences of my blood sugar rising, I decided that I need to get out of my comfort zone and do a major lifestyle change— like learning to work out regularly.

Working out is something that does not come easy for me. It’s hard for me to find something I actually enjoy. In fact, intentionally setting aside time to work out gives me anxiety. I put a lot of pressure on myself to look a certain way, and it brings a lot of stress.

But after experiencing such a bad reaction after I had a meal recently, I knew it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.

I decided to get a membership at a local indoor swimming pool :). I have been visiting the pool at least 3 times a week and just enjoying the water. It’s been more of a therapeutic, enjoyable, spa-like experience for me, and I feel so glad I got out of my comfort zone to try this!

This is a picture of me at the pool just last week. It’s been super refreshing and relaxing so far :).

I’m not saying that everyone should get a membership at a pool or change up their workout routine, but I do believe that doing something you normally don’t do so you can better care for your body, mind, and heart is a good thing. It’s just about finding how you want to get out of your comfort zone to do this.

These are a couple of people who have gotten out of their comfort zone recently, and who I think are inspiring!


Emily for a long time was thinking about growing a plant from scratch but held off because she had never done it before. A few months ago, she decided to finally start her own garden using a forgotten patch of dirt on the side of her house— and she feels so glad she took the step and did! She shared with me that she feels that she is going through a season of growth in her life— growing closer to God, creating herself, and starting a new relationship. This garden is a therapeutic place for her she comes to water every day and reflect on this growth.


My boyfriend Daniel likes to go hiking and be outdoors. A few years ago, he decided to get out of his comfort zone and start climbing mountains. From what I understand, it’s something painful and takes a lot of perseverance and energy, but so rewarding once you get to the top. Last weekend, Daniel climbed Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States. This is a picture taken from when he made it to the top with some friends. He had a long workweek right before and had such good reasons to back out last minute (I would have lol). But he pushed through and feels so refreshed (and broken... in a good way) after his efforts.


I think it’s so good to surround ourselves with people who challenge us to be better by their example. We don’t have to do what they do, but it may give us just the right amount of courage to help us finally take a chance and do something new that helps us grow, and makes us feel alive.

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