From Mistake to Magic: Turning Your Mishaps into Cool Opportunities

Me (insecure about my round face) turn to my brother: Hey George, do you like your face?

Brother (matter-of-factly): I'm glad I have a face.


These are the words I asked my brother when I was back in high school and I had just spent far too long analyzing myself in the mirror to the point that everything looked weird. I wanted to know if he liked himself so that I could hopefully encourage myself to like myself.

What's funny though is that his response totally surprised me in such a great way.

There I was, waiting for him to say something like, "Of course I do," and helping me see that I can like myself, too. But there I was, astonished. My brother was saying, I'm glad I have a face at all. Who cares what it looks like!

Even though this response seemed so odd– of course, we all have a face– the way he said it was so genuine. It's true. Some people experience tragedies that leave their face scarred or maimed. It's rare, but it happens.

His reply put things into perspective. We need to appreciate what we have.

Sometimes life doesn't give us the things we want. Sometimes the things that happen to us are not what we would have chosen. But I think the coolest thing is the moment we realize what happens is not nearly as important as what we do with that experience.

You can make something beautiful from the unfortunate thing you are going through– whatever it may be.

I would challenge you today to think about what in your life you feel has gone wrong, and to think about the hidden opportunities behind it.

Maybe you are feeling anxious. Maybe anxiety is not a problem but it's a gift. It's an opportunity to realize that your heart needs something or is lacking something, and it's just what you need to take action and make a positive change in your life

Maybe your back hurts. Maybe your back hurting is not a problem but a blessing in disguise, reminding you that your body needs some gentle care and exercise.

Perhaps you are having a tough time communicating with someone. Maybe this is a chance to really grow your ability to state your needs and be assertive.

A few weeks ago, I made this video. It's about how I was making one of my journals but something went wrong. I said, "God, what am I supposed to do now? I've ruined it."

And then, a little inspiration in my heart told me that maybe this going wrong is a good thing. Maybe this little mishap is the only way I would ever try something new with my journal making technique.

This is what happened...

I am selling the leather book that was once a mistake and now is art. You can buy it here:

I hope that you enjoyed this post and remember that beautiful things can come from any mishap!

Sending lots of love,


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