Four floral arrangements to inspire you.

Hello friend!

As you may know from past blog posts, I began buying myself flowers almost every week about 10 years ago as a way to add beauty and cheerfulness to my life. Read my post Why You Should Buy Yourself Flowers!

Today, I wanted to share some floral arrangements to inspire you to start your own practice of buying yourself flowers. I just think that filling a space with a simple vase of flowers can do so much.

It adds freshness to a room, a feeling of comfort, and a sense that someone loves you..... even if that person is you :).

So without further ado, here are four arrangements!

The Scavenger Hunt

Something I think many people think when it comes to arrangements is that you need to go to a store and buy a bouquet in order to make a beautiful arrangement. I've found that my most whimsical arrangements have been from flowers I collected on a walk through my neighborhood.

This arrangement is an eclectic collection of everything pretty I saw on a walk near my house on a bike path. The addition of the vine draping over the table gives the arrangement a more relaxed, effortless look. All the plants I used were either wild sprouts, vines growing on a wall, or small branches off of trees.

It's amazing what you can find on a nature walk! Bring some clippers and let nature gift you its beauty.

Red-Lipped Gladiola

This arrangement is happy and refreshing, and the red gladiola adds a bold pop that was like eye candy for me every time I passed by it in my apartment. Sometimes it's nice to have just one flower of its kind in an arrangement in order to add interest and keep things exciting.

Pink and Playful

This was a floral arrangement I made for my dad for his birthday. It was the first time I used a flower frog, which is a usually metal, weighted cage placed at the bottom that helps keep the flowers in place and pointed in the direction you want. Using a frog enabled me to build the arrangement in a shallow bowl.

I like the combination of graceful peonies and the unexpected pink tropical leaves. I think bringing together the delicateness of the peony and the randomness of the tropical leaves made this unlikely arrangement really playful and fun.

Be My Sunshine

With fall now here, how could I not make this sunflower arrangement? It's a single sunflower, surrounded by wild thistle. You can find thistle in a lot of flower shops around this time of year, and it always gives your arrangement that vintage, wildflower look that I love.

I'm not sure I like the addition of the green carnation in there now that I look back on this. But flower arranging is all about experimenting and having fun with it, and learning as you go!

Well, there you have it!

Four different arrangements to get your creative juices flowing. Next time you're driving on your way home from wherever you were, stop by your local Trader Joe's or flower shop and pick out some blooms! Or take a walk and scavenge around to clip some greenery and wildflowers for your home.

I can guarantee that it will add a little spark of joy to your day every time you walk by :).

Sending you lots of love,


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