For the girl still waiting on the one.

"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!"

- Luke 1:45

When you worry about the possibility that the guy you have your eye on might not have the same feelings for you... or maybe you worry that you yourself won't have deeper feelings for someone who is pursuing you, consider this.

Consider the truth that Holy Matrimony, the sacrament of marriage, mirrors the love of the bridegroom (Jesus) to His bride (the Church). We, the Church, love God because God loved us first. It is not we who loved God first and drew Him to ourselves. It is He who drew us to Himself through His true, sacrificial love... It should be the same with romantic relationships. The man should love us first, and act on that love first (reflect on this when you meet guys who do not make the first move or who are not truly making an effort for your heart).

I heard a priest once say that Jesus's death on the cross was His marriage proposal to us. Isn't that amazing? The greatest declaration of love is sacrifice.

And earthly marriages are no different. This is why men wear black on their wedding day... because it is the day they have committed to dying to themselves, laying down their life to make sure their bride gets to heaven. It makes me want to cry just meditating on this, it's so beautiful.

So when things might not be going well in your love life, remember that it is not you. It is him. It is not your job to fall for someone. If something is not working, it is not your fault. Remember that it is his job to stoke the fire and go straight for your heart... despite what the media suggests to women these days... (it is not your job to 'help make it happen' by taking the initiative yourself). It is his job to work for conquering your heart.

This is a conquest. That's how God designed men. If He's not conquering your heart, He doesn't deserve to be with you.

So be at peace if there is nothing there and you wish there was, or if he is not pursuing you the way he should as a man. These struggles are happening not because there is anything wrong with you. It's because he has not acted in the way that Christ does for His Church, to love you first.

To love you first.

Your only job is to respond.

The man for you will be like Christ is for His Church. He will win your heart by laying down His life for you. He will love you first. All you'll have to do is surrender to that love...

Praying for all my single ladies out there 🙏.


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