Easy Tips on How to Make Your Room More Cozy

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

So I live in Southern California, and autumn is just around the corner, but we all know it's still gonna be around 80 degrees on-and-off until winter rolls around. Either way, I feel like no matter what, fall is a time when we get more cozy in our homes and enjoy autumny things, even if it’s a pumpkin spice latte on a sunny, toasty day lol.

Here are some things I found made my space more cozy and what may help you make yours somewhere you want to be more often during the autumn months:

Place two (or more) lamps in different areas of your room

I know this sounds strange, but it helps. Lighting TRULY makes a huge difference in setting the mood for a room, and using smaller lamps is much better than using bright ceiling lights. For a long time, I just used the bright light attached to my ceiling. It did its job to help me see everything at night.

But one day, I'm not sure how this happened, I somehow had brought two table lamps in my room and the difference in how everything felt was amazing. The light was more chill, much softer, and having two lights placed in different areas of the room brought new depth and perspective to my room, almost like it was a new place!

I have this thing where I now turn on only my lamp that’s on my desk when I know I had a stressful day because that lamp is a bit more dim and relaxed, and it makes me feel calmer. And then when I am having a happier day but still want to be chill, I'll turn both my desk light and my nightstand light together and it makes me feel a little more bright but still chill. When I need to get work done like a project or am cleaning my room, I'll turn on the bright ceiling light so I can see everything in my room and have uniform lighting all over. Having two table lamps placed in different spots allows me to play with the lights and change the mood of my room.

You don't have to buy super expensive lights to achieve this effect. I have one table lamp I bought at Target for just $10 that I put on my desk and one that I bought at IKEA a long time ago that I put on my night stand. Very affordable.

Light a scented candle or diffuse essential oils

I have been using a Georgia Peach candle from Bath and Body Works this summer, but I'm planning on buying something more autumny for the fall. I usually light my candle when I'm writing in my journal or when I'm winding down from the day.

I recently heard that the smoke from candles are not that good for you, so I'm thinking of starting to diffuse essential oils. Or maybe I'll just keep using candles, we'll see. But if you decide to buy a candle, make sure your room has a window and is well-ventilated when you burn it so you have oxygen since candles burn oxygen!

Have a rug

Having a rug can help to separate your space into different areas, or make the room more cohesive and cozy. Here is a cool article I read on apartmenttherapy.com about what size rug you should buy for your room depending on the size of your room (because sometimes you'll buy a rug that looks super cute but then you put it in your space and the size just makes it look awkward-- usually people er on the side of buying a rug that's too small because large rugs can get pricey, but I say it's worth it for that one-time fee!

This is a super helpful graphic on what size your rug should be and dos and don’ts on how to place it in a room:

(Image credit: Charles Dundas-Shaw)

Here are some ideas of how some people arranged their rugs to make the room look cozier:

This rug fills more than half of the small room.

Notice the rug isn't place just in front of the bed, but part of it is underneath, as well.

A hand-woven rug softens a space and makes it more homey.

Have a fuzzy blanket or pillow in your room

I never thought I was a fan of the fuzzy pillow/blanket until I saw it done so nicely in my friend’s home. Adding a fuzzy pillow or throw in your room not only adds variety to the textures in your room, but it also will make you feel very cozy :).

Have a plant

I love those green, leafy, potted plants. They just make me feel calmer. If you're in an area where growing an indoor plant is not ideal, then you can consider buying a pretty bouquet each week and putting it in a vase. This will give you a very similar cozy effect.

Declutter your space

This one is probably one of the most basic things you can do to help you feel cozier in your own room. This doesn't mean to get rid of everything you have, or even get rid of anything at all (although if you feel that you absolutely want to get rid of some stuff, then you should do that). What I'm proposing is a little different.

Have you heard about the "daily rule" for decluttering? If you haven't, it's probably because I just made it up right now. But basically, the daily rule is: if you don't use it every day, it should be out of sight.

I only keep a select amount of things visible and out in the open in my room. Things like my jewelry, pen on my desk, calendar on my wall, etc. Things I use on a daily basis. If I don't use it, it goes in a cute storage basket in my closet or in one of them I keep under my bed. Having white space in your room will make it less busy, and will make you feel calmer and more cozy. If you're not into the whole daily rule, maybe you can make yourself a weekly rule for what you choose to keep out in the open and what you choose to hide.

In addition, another daily rule I also try to follow is I declutter on a daily basis. That means folding my clothes and putting them in my closet before I suddenly have a pile of clothes and feel like it's a chore to put them away. Also making my bed each day first thing when I wake up. This helps with maintaining a cozy space and also just overall peace of mind that things are in order.

Drink tea or a latte

Every space is suddenly cozier when filled with the smell of coffee or when you're sitting there holding your warm cup of tea. Invite a friend, and it gets cozier :).

Play some music

I have the Pandora music app, and I discovered this playlist called Lo-Fi chill. It's music without words that creates a chill ambiance. I find that playing your favorite chill music always makes a space cozier.

Hang fairy lights

This goes back to the whole idea that lighting really can transform a place. Hang warm tone LED lights on your wall, bookshelf (if you have one), or even your bed (if you have a long string of lights). I've heard them being called "fairy lights" before, and it makes sense why. They somehow make a space a seem little more magical.

Decorate according to the season

A moon garland and dried flowers in a vase can make it feel like fall is here.

Even if it's just adding a pumpkin spice scented candle in your room, a tiny white pumpkin on your desk, or a ribbon garland with colors from the season, decorating by season can make your space more cozy. The image above has a room with a moon garland, dried flowers in a vase, and a plaid throw blanket. Very fall!

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