A Lesson about Prayer

Not too long ago, when I was getting ready for bed, I was taking off my earrings for the night, and I accidentally dropped one of them on the floor. As I quickly bent down to get it, I soon realized that my stud was more hidden than I first thought.

Sometimes, when I'm having trouble finding something, I say, "Jesus, I don't know where this thing is but you do. Please help me find it!" And then full of trust, I look around for it with a new, more hopeful attitude, knowing God truly can see what I cannot.

But that night, as I bent over on the floor and prayed for some assistance, I just could not seem to find my earring. I kept looking and looking, and not finding.

I prayed, Jesus, I know you know where it is... as if nudging Him to show me.

Maybe I just needed to try harder, I thought. I became even more diligent. I looked left, and I looked right. I moved my hand all over the ground, hoping my fingertips would find the lost accessory. Nothing. These were one of my favorite pair of earrings, and I began to worry.

In my determination, I leaned all the way down and pressed one of my cheeks against the wood, looking parallel to the floor, trying to see if I could find them if I looked from a different angle. Even then, it was nowhere.

After a long search, I got to a point where my stubborn determination turned into acceptance, and that's when I gave up.

I surrendered.

With the end of my search, I turned to put on my slippers so I could go brush my teeth. And right when I stepped inside my first shoe, I felt a little sharp object inside... my earring!

In that moment, I was amazed. I laughed and thanked God. To me, it was like God showing me in a very concrete way that sometimes, only when we surrender is God able to help us.

I want to learn how to trust God more. I want to learn that once I've prayed for something, now the ball is in God's court, and I can relax and trust and keep stepping forward in life… knowing He will either bring me what I pray for... or if not, something better.

Whatever you are praying for, I hope that you can step forward with trust and know that He is guiding your footsteps!



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