10 Ways to Enjoy Alone Time

Updated: May 11, 2019

As someone who’s been single most of her life, I’ve learned how to make the most of my solitude. It’s taken trial and error to see what I enjoy doing solo, and I’ve found 10 top ways I enjoy spending time alone. These are things I actually do to this day that I hope will inspire you to think of ways you can make the most of your alone time and do some self-care. Of course, everyone is different, so what I do may not be what works for you. But I think it's important that we all find how to reconnect with ourselves, and get in touch with our little heart.

1. Take a hot shower or bath

I like to say that there are two great luxuries in life, and one of them is a hot shower/bath. I take hot showers at night, and they always help me unwind from the day.

2. Nap in a quiet room

Yes, this is the second greatest luxury of life that I feel so grateful to have right now. The space I rent is so peaceful and quiet, and I’ve made it into a comfy sanctuary where I can doze off in peace :).

3. Stay up past everyone else's bedtime to work on a creative project

I’ve found that when inspiration hits, you need to listen to it, or else it will leave and it may take some time before it returns. For me, a lot of times inspiration comes at night. Sometimes I get a sudden urge to paint something, or bind a leather journal, or write. I’ve learned that some of the most beautiful things I’ve made are not things I planned out to do but came out of inspiration that suddenly hit me. Listen to your inspiration— don’t let let it dissolve but let it come to life!

4. Gaze up at the stars

I have a nice cushiony patio chair just outside my patio. When the world goes to sleep, I like to listen to the birds that are still randomly singing at 12am (why do they do that??) and look up at the beautiful sky. Try it— and allow the idea to sink in that you and your worries are so small compared to God’s amazing power. He’s created the universe!

5. Book an Airbnb and do a mini personal retreat

I like to take myself on personal mini retreats, where I travel somewhere by myself and stay in someone's cute Airbnb. Last year, I went to Santa Barbara which was a totally wonderful experience. I brought my journal, some sunscreen, and borrowed the Airbnb bike to reflect and unwind at the beach. The benefit of staying in someone's house, as opposed to a hotel, is immersing yourself in a new environment and being inspired by someone else's way of living. Some of the coolest changes I've made in my home have come from inspiration I got from staying at someone's Airbnb.

6. Take yourself out on a date

When I was in college, I used to take myself to the Getty Museum all the time and just soak in all the beautiful art. I always left feeling refreshed and inspired! Take yourself on a date and do something you enjoy :).

7. Ride a bike

I bought a bike a few years ago and roamed around my own little town. It’s amazing the different perspective riding a bike can give you of a place that you know so well from traveling around by car. You notice the cute flowers, the different smells, and there’s nothing like hearing the clicking of the bike gears and the wind in your hair— reminds me of childhood! Dig out your bike from the garage or borrow/rent one!

8. Stretch

Stretching always makes me feel good, without really having to work out intensely. It helps with my breathing, flexibility, and mood. I'm trying to start getting back into incorporating 5 minutes of stretching to my morning ritual.

9. Write a letter to your future self

I do this whenever I feel like I am learning important life lessons that I know I will forget if I don't write them down. It's also helpful to write a letter to your future self that you plan to open only until a certain event happens (e.g., only open when you're feeling super sad and need a pick-me-up).

10. Go somewhere overlooking a view

I found that you don't have to go far to see a view. Even going to the top floor of a parking lot is enough to get you high enough to enjoy a wonderful view :).

I challenge you to find ONE thing you enjoy doing solo this week and really take some time for self-care!



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